Evening Parties will feature 
  • Live music by staff members and visiting musicians

  • Regional guest dancers 
  • Folklore groups



Kabilé takes their name from the village of the same name in central Bulgaria, where the band played one of their earliest gigs. During their initial ten-year heyday the band played almost every weekend at weddings, festivals and holiday events all over Thrace. In 2007 the band reunited for their first of many North American tours. 

Dubenskata Grupa

This men's singing group from the town of Dubene meets regularly to sing their traditional folk songs.

Voinyagovo Folklore Group

They will present several song dances that are unique to their village tradition in original costumes .  

Kliment Folklore Group

Kliment village group will perform from their living folklore traditions.

Karavelovo Folklore Group

Veselyatsi Orkestra, singing group and folk dance group all from Karavelovo.

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