Program (typical day)

8am Breakfast

9:30-11am Dance workshop with a variety of teachers

11:15-12:30am Classes in gadulka, tambura, accordion

12:30pm Lunch

2-3:15pm Classes in singing, kaval, and gaida

3:15-4:30pm Bitov ensemble

4:30pm-5:45 Tupan class

6pm Dinner

9pm  Visiting dancers and musicians share local dances from their own regions including: Kliment, Voinyagovo, Kermen, Jambol and Karlovo.

Dancing and music with a variety of bands and musicians: Kabile', Bulgarika, Dubenskata Groupa, Veselitsa Orkestra and other local solo musicians

11pm After party

Other activities may include:  Nature walks in the mountains near the village, swimming at the nearby pool, participation in harvesting of the roses in the early morning.